May 7th, 2004

[baseball] sweet lou

I know Ethan's Jewish so just tell him to ignore Jesus on the cross.

A few days ago my brother came over to visit and told us the news. He came in all smiley with a picture of his wife and we all smiled and told him how pretty she looked and glanced around at each other wondering why a regular ole picture should be so special.

It's so special because he's using it to get a tattoo of her on his arm. A tattoo of his wife. On his arm. To show his love. I had to run away immediately to save him the pain of seeing his sister laugh at his romantic gesture. I just...cannot be related to him. If a man ever did that to me (not for me) I would dump his ass.

Anyway, a drabble before bed. Inspired by Debbie's adorable heirlooms in 304.

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