December 14th, 2005

[baseball] sweet lou


Oshitari - Mebachiko: which was not my victory dance song after coming home this morning from my third 8 o'clock final this week and then working on the last essay for my History of Civil Rights final and then submitting that on the blackboard site and realizing that I am free, free at last!

Because any time before that, if I had read of someone else having a victory dance I would have wanted to inflict violence upon them. No, seriously. I was a raging beast of bitterness and hormones and neuroses this week as it was, without a doubt, the most difficult and stressful finals week I've ever had. Monday night I even began channeling Kira. I KID YOU NOT. My hair ate my face and everything.

But now, now. *happy sigh* I can think about things like the perverseness that without Sasuke around the Naruto manga no longer latches onto my soul and makes me angst and love and fic and obsess. That Battlestar Galactica is coming back January 6 (and I need it). That gay cowboys aren't showing anywhere near my city now or in the near future. That I have to renew my license, my license plate tags, and buy Christmas presents for my family and I don't have enough money. That I don't get paid again until after Christmas. That my internet friends better still love me even if I get them nothing for ze holiday. That I really can't say that and then ask for someone to renew my paid account. That fools for love always grab a hold of my heart and make me fools for them. That I want to start writing fic again.

That Bleach is still the coolest manga ever. That One Piece is better than everyone thinks. That Mugen is cool and pretty too, dammit, and why do all the fangirls seem to forget he and Fuu exist? That what I want from a novel more than anything right now is awesome lesbians or at least femslash subtext. That if I ever write a story I have decided it must be about lesbian detectives. That I should be able to start keeping up with LJ and fandom again.

That I want to do that one-line meme again. So if you've made it this far, dear friends, you can get what you came for. Give me a character/pairing/group and a prompt of some sort and I'll write you at least one line of fic.