January 8th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

The healer with his magic powers! / I could rub his gentle brow for hours!

So this week was crazy crazy. I was working two jobs again over break. One was only temporary--doing file work at a law office. I did that over the summer and the work was piled up so they asked me back. There's another girl who supposedly does the job but everyone (including me) has their doubts about that. This last week they hired someone else to work in that position. Little did I know when I came in on Thursday that I was the one they expected to train the new girl. In four hours. IT WAS INTERESTING. She said that I really helped her understand the job--and that amazed me because the job is very complicated and full of these minute things I just had to pick up as I went along and made it very hard to remember all of them and explain them so she could understand. It was all a big blur to me of walking around, standing awkwardly as I waited with bated breath for her to learn how to identify pleadings and where to put paperwork, and trying to slow down and write out notes instead of speeding up when she looked at me in utter confusion I remember once spouting off about evil elves carrying files off. Hahahahaha. Ha. Um.

I really hope I don't have to train someone again for a while. I know no one will be replacing me at the library so...

Oh! And tomorrow I start another semester. *collapses* Actually, though, I'm surprisingly ready for it. Not looking forward to learning what my workload will be like for the next four months, but I think I've gotten enough rest to handle it. Plus, the sun came out in West Michigan today for the first time in 16 days. WHOO! (Objectively, I do realize how sad that fact is. But shush! Leave me with my delusions of ecstasy.)

I know I haven't been good at keeping up with LJ lately and this week I wasn't around on AIM at all. I'm sorry if that worried anyone! It wasn't an avoidance thing or a something-wrong-with-me thing. I just had a really busy week. With school coming up and my hindsight of all the stress and feelings of having no time to do anything omg craaaaaaaaap from last semester, I know I won't be on AIM as often this semester. Hopefully, though, that means I will feel more sane and be more productive in school and in fandom (fic, LJ, etc).

Finally: a poll.

Poll #648247 Great Feats in Animal History

The water skiing squirrel...

will always be awesome!
never interested me.
what the hell?
wears a Momobag.