January 18th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

blah blah blah BRAINS blah blah blah

I actually started screaming when I saw the words "Bleach 211" appear on my friends list. In a sad turn of events, I find this something to be proud of instead of hiding the fact away in shame.

On a topic that has nothing to do with the new chapter AT ALL. NO SPOILERS HERE. How exactly can fans hate Tousen? I really don't understand being able to have that specific feeling toward him especially since so many (intelligent) fans do say they hate him. Apathy, boredom, mockery--I can understand all of those. But Tousen has done so little, especially in his time as a "bad" man, and his crimes are diminished to a relative nothing when you compare him to his partners Evil Overlord and Fuck With Your Brains.

This is shounen. This is Bleach. If a character has clearly told you they have a Reason for their actions and the revelation of that reason is delayed...well, c'mon! It ain't gonna be that his parents spanked him as child. It's going to be big, emotional, and possibly involve dead sisters. We've seen it before and we will see it again.

Plus, my rule of thumb concerning the evil triumvirate is: if you left your girlfriend(s) alive and missing you or wanting to bring you back, you are going to come out alive and possibly amazingly characterized. If you invoked stabbity you're fucking doomed.

[Disclaimer: this is not something that I'm mad about or directed to a specific person. I've actually been only mildly annoyed with my own confusion about Tousen hate for months.]

On the other hand, where's my second favorite Number 6? Considering that there are not many copies (though the Arrancar do have a plan), I am worried.

ETA: I would also like to state that since the Bleach filler arc begins by focusing on the snarky manlove that Ichigo and Renji share, I give it my stamp of approval!