January 26th, 2006

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So I have not been on the up-and-up with the internet since...sometime ago? I have no idea. At least two days. Time seems to move at a different pace when you're doing homework in every spare moment rather than using that time to fangirl.

At the moment I just got done with a test of doom early and have a break between classes so I feel like I should be working on the paper due tomorrow morning that I haven't started. But...eh.

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I'll catch up tomorrow afternoon on all the stuff I've missed. Of course, if I missed an apocalypse or something, someone will tell me, right?
[baseball] sweet lou

amazingly, I'm not being paid for this.

Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice is not only good for your heart what with being full of antioxidants that fight disease and flavanoids that promote healthy arteries but it also has vitamins that your body needs and tastes delicious! Why, just drinking a savory six-ounce glass of Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice is the equivalent of one full serving of fruit for the day.

Did I mention Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice has no fat or cholesterol? No? Oh my! Well, would you believe me if I did tell you that?

Disclaimer: None of the healthy and all-natural effects of Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice are applicable if you are sitting in a packed classroom with a bottle of Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice not fully closed on your desk and the stupid girl in front of you who doesn't understand concepts like personal space and "hey, bitch, this desk behind you? Not empty. I need space for my head and notes too, thanks. Yes, that means keep your hair to yourself and do not fling it at me and for all that is holy please do not lean back or turn around and stare at me when we are mere inches apart" ...when that idiot decides to stretch her elbow way back beyond her own desk space and into yours and she KNOCKS your precious and pretty damn full bottle of Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice over so it leaks out onto the desk, your notebook, and yourself and all she says when you're trying to clean the whole mess up with your hand and your winter coat is "oh, sorry." When that happens, you sadly cannot enjoy Welch's Purple 100% Grape Juice's benefits.

ETA: I've entered a state of exhaustion where my neck won't support my head and it keeps flopping back. This has never happened to me before! I am amazed.