April 22nd, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

oh david tennant i love you.

"I gave birth to a pterodactyl."
"Oh my god. Did it sing?"

After a long, difficult, strenuous week of coming home each night and staring at my "Blackpool" torrent to see the percentage downloaded had only edged forward the teensiest bit, last night the beautiful bit lord button popped up reading "TORRENT COMPLETE! GET YOUR DAVID TENNANT FIX HERE!" (Okay, so it didn't really say that but that's what my mind saw.)

Blackpool as a show is utterly brilliant with its plot and characters and seedy look at life that is made completely bearable by the fact that the characters continue the plot by singing out fantastic modern songs. The characters don't break for music, oh no. They keep everything going while having separate montages to "Cupid Draw Back Your Bow" or a single-scene showdown with "These Boots Were Made For Walking." Many times an episode and there's no demon casting a spell on the town of Blackpool. It just happens. And you love it.

Especially when it involves David Tennant, Sarah Parish, Slade's "Skweeze Me, Please Me" as they together create the hottest culmination of notreallydirtybadwrongbutkindastill UST I've seen since Buffy.

Did I mention David Tennant was in Blackpool? Oh, god. His hair, his face, his body, his stubble, his accent, the expressions he makes when HAVING HIS CLOTHES TORN OFF. [gibbers incoherently] I think I'll be imagining myself as Ms Parish for a while now. Or this pen.

...I'm not sure what the hell this post was meant to be but it's hard to keep a structure together when you keep rewatching David Tennant taking his clothes off, taking a woman's clothes off, singing, making orgasmic faces, and, um...I'll be in my bunk.