May 7th, 2006

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Today is halcyonjazz's birthday and we love Chira. And not just for what Chira can do for us! (ie, art, porn, booze, drugs, etc.) We love her because she is a fantastic person and no matter what or how she is fangirling, she does it in a welcoming & fun way. Chira could start fangirling aardvarks and draw nothing but aardvark porn and still? I'd be all over her journal like a kitty who has just discovered cat nip.

In other news, it is strange how details and pieces of information that were once SO VERY IMPORTANT or not important at all can completely slide out of your brain until something knocks them back into place and they become important again or the first time ever. That is all very obvious and common but, yeah. It's still an interesting feeling. Recent examples:

+ Nathon Fillion played the misogynistic psychotic preacher jackass (aka Caleb) on Buffy in season 7. I completely forgot about that role until I looked through old Buffy icons and I wondered how the hell I could have shoved that bit of knowledge so far on the outskirts of m memory. This shows how often I have referred back to S7 since it aired. (On the other hand, I have not forgotten Gina Torres as Jasmine. Or Anna Espinosa. Especially not as Anna. Hot!)

+ The Pirates of the Caribbean sequel is coming out relatively soon! And as I watched the trailer with little oohs and aahs one moment featured in particular made me go "GLURBLESCREAMOMGOMGOMGPLAYTHATAGAINAHHHHHHHH." It also reminded me of all the fun that was to be had after the first POTC came out. Especially from evemac who said it best with, "Look at me, surrounded by the slash of a lifetime, and all I want is drunken het sex? I must be the most boring person in the world." (Yes, I did dredge that comment up from three years ago. I can be very thorough when it comes to meaningless research.) Anyway, I told Eve off for doubting her own incredible taste in wanting Jack/Elizabeth and some days when I know the world revolves around me, I think we should claim credit for how fandom picked up on that ship.

+ Years ago, my dad would sometimes have Dark Angel on whenever it aired (Friday nights?) and sometimes I would watch it too. Well, I remembered vaguely there being one character who appeared in the series as the OMG CHARMING BAD BOY and of course he was the one I was all over in a distracted sort of way whenever I actually saw the show. This wouldn't mean anything if, y'know, I hadn't started watching Supernatural and then poked around fandom and realized that character was Dean. (Or, Jensen Ackles. Whatever. :p) I gotta admit: that was a very shameful, girly moment for me as I turned red and began giggling to myself. This incident reminded me that I am, in fact, still a young girl and not a seventy-year-old robot. Dammit.

+ ...I should never watch American Beauty and L.A. Confidential back-to-back. Well, never again.

It's very obvious by the state of my journal these days but (to reiterate) I've been falling in love tv all over again. Doing so is another strange, nostalgic, familiar unfamiliar feeling because tv fandom is where fandom started for me but it's also been a long time since I have fangirled television monogamously or passionately. Parts of it are still maddening as ever. Because of the easily accessed spoilers and information from networks, cast, writers, etc. as well as long breaks between seasons fandom can get all rily and bitter and assume waaaaay too much before canon comes out. On the other hand, there's a much different energy that I already feel myself being sucked into. Part of that includes more fanfiction than you can shake a stick at. I'm so used to searching and searching and searching for good fic in my manga fandoms. Now--especially with Supernatural, dear god--I try to do that and in seconds I'm crushed by the amount of recs, links, and journal hopping I'm going through without even scratching the surface of what's out there.

Do I have a point? I don't think so. Pretty much, I'm still happier than a girl has any right to be with my grades from last semester and a storehouse of fic waiting to be read and yummy alcoholic lemonade in my hand.

(hecatehatesthat, you can kill me if you wish.)