May 11th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

i'm a boy and you're a girl/the only ones in the world

I just finished rewatching the Veronica Mars finale and the entire episode clicked with me in a way it hadn't when I saw it last night--probably because everyone's vague reactions set me on edge and I couldn't enjoy it fully the first time. So of course I cried through most of it the second time around and now I love it unconditionally.

And of course I had to track down the music.

Gravenhurst - See My Friends, aka the song playing during the climactic moments. This song was perfect to complement the mood of That Scene.

Paul Westerberg - Time Flies Tomorrow: the ending song.

In other tv news: Amazon is selling Wonderfalls for only $19.99. Even though I made the plan to save every penny this summer I couldn't resist that price. I should get it tomorrow and I'll finally see the unaired episodes (which is practically all of them..) over the weekend.