May 30th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

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Dearest friends list,

Haven't you ever thought to yourself, "By jiggers, how I do wish upon my very soul of creativity that I could perchance find the time or inspiration to indeed sit before my computer and produce a fictional tale about the relationship of a man and woman not heretofore justly appreciated by my fellows in this circle of interest I partake in on occasion!"

C'mon. I know you have. That is why I am telling you about this:

viola_dreamwalk is hosting a second Behind Every Good Woman Rare-Het Challenge. (The application post can be found here.)

This is a multifandom challenge. Books, television, movies, manga, anime, comics, and etc. are all fair game. And don't forget--rare het. I haven't signed up for a fic challenge in years but the theme of this one catches my interest so much I had to jump on board. You can sign up until June 3 so that is enough time to scour your list of fandoms and find the perfect pairing to write for the challenge. (Which is exactly what I'm doing--sometimes having too many fandoms is a curse.)