June 20th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

fandom appreciation.

This season of Doctor Who has received a large amount of criticism in the fandom--most of which has been full of character bashing and that has deflated my love for the series just by encountering so much dissatisfaction.

On the other hand, there have been two fans who produce semi-regular reviews and thoughts on this show from a reasonable, appreciative, and (most important of all) fair point of view. Each week when I read the journals of selenak and the_royal_anna it does me a lot of good to see how they judge the show without so much bias or bitterness. They both have slightly different perspectives but what comes across from both of them is this sense of calm, of being able to look at the show for enjoyment rather than for something to complain about.

I know I've been lax at replying but I wanted to thank both of you for helping me enjoy what is one of the best television shows I have encountered when many other reviews of this season had worn down my love for the show.
[baseball] sweet lou

One day the two species will crossbreed to form an all-powerful race of mice-spiders.

Thanks to smithereen's great taste in television shows I started watching Spaced last night. It took me about five minutes before I was positively in love. No, wait. Make that about 30 seconds in when the main male character says: "You think I'm unemotional, don't you? I can be emotional! Jesus, I cried like a child at the end of Terminator 2. You know, with the thumb and the molten..."

I've only watched the first four episodes but it's the kind of show (much like The Office and Arrested Development) that has such a unique storytelling style as well as hilarious crack and wonderful characters so I'm drawn in immediately and convinced that I will love the entire series. This show also is great at not glamorizing the cast as most tv is wont to do. I love the non-conventional shape and looks of both the main characters. But not only their physical appearances, it's great that the show pokes at their lives in all aspects. They come across as so human and real even as daydream moments occur like zombies wandering through their apartment. They have screw-ups and shining moments that I can relate to and neither even fall into an extreme. The other characters are also great at bringing the funny and pathos.

And, really, how can I not enjoy a show that takes a writer, comic book and video game fanboy, and artist to showcase the quirks and troubles of each interest?

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