July 13th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

I cried.

(I always cry at endings.)

I finished watching "Doomsday" a few minutes ago.

I have never cried so hard at a television show before. Not when Buffy jumped, not when Buffy ended, not when Angel ended a year later, not once in my memory of all the beautiful and heartbreaking moments that tv has delivered.

And now, instead of taking the time to really decide how I feel, I have to run out of the door in order to be mildly late to see Pirates of the Caribbean with a friend.

Unspoken sentiments are lovely and made of all the things that are foolproof against scorn but there is something--many things--to be said about taking the chance and forming your feelings into words. Thank you, Rose. Thank you, show. Thank you, Doctor.
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