September 7th, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

Bleach 242.



I feel better after my night of anguish and woe. I'm still glad I made that post, though, as I've wanted to make some comment about my fandom life v. real life for a while.

I also finished all the drabble requests from last week. You can find them in this post if you're interested. There's Bleach, Honey & Clover, Pysch, and even Naruto and Kingdom Hearts in a way. There are a few I'm fond of, actually, rather than the usual reaction I have to my fic a day after I've posted it. Which is: what have I done? How can anyone read this? [glugs down booze]

I'm trying to write more often (read: every day) and hopefully that will lead to improvement and productivity. Fandoms I want to write for at the moment include Black Cat, D.Gray-Man, Avatar, and Bleach. Always Bleach. But then I also might just end up staring off into space and drooling. It's the more common activity whenever I open up Word.