October 23rd, 2006

[baseball] sweet lou

I always try to be the plucky, resilient hero type and end up his angsty and pissy rival instead.

Today I was depressed and my professor made me feel like a worthless human being for the thousandth time this semester so far.

It was not the best day ever.

However, there is a list of things that are cheering me up:

- No papers to write this week.

- Making myself get out of the house to see a movie in the movie theater for the second time this year. The Prestige was worth my money, which I watch like a hawk on speed these days. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire film, especially the use of timeline and characterization. The latter, the striking difference of goals and means and ends, was the most fulfilling portion for me. And I couldn't help but think at a certain point: oh, Wednesday would have loved that.

- Setting out on a great Saiyuki re-read venture and I'm picking up on so many things. Not only have the motivations of my Venture West boys become much more clear in retrospect (and reading for characterization rather than 'gimme plot now!' certainly helps) but I love the references to the epic Saiyuki is based on. The detail of youkai harping on Sanzo's tasty meat for healing and immortality is the loudest reference so far. One day, also, I want to sit down and write a self-indulgent and overblown essay on why and how I ship Sanzo/Goku and how much I've discovered the foundation of "Journey to the West" certainly influences that in the text and in my interpretation of their relationship when I correlate the original to this manga.

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- Watching The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. It's very possible that I have a great big girlcrush on Haruhi. It's definite that she is my new hero. She refuses to dress herself in the cloak of normalcy and her determination will see through any problem and she is not averse to blackmailing, gathering slaves, or ambiguously abusing the obligatory booby chick. If you strike the latter from the record of characteristics, she's like Hiruma in a way. Plus, there's the hot which is there and should not be denied.