January 29th, 2007

[baseball] sweet lou

love means never having to say you're sorry.

I just did something I've been thinking about for a long while but just became essential with the recent way real life is sucking up all my time--I made a huge cut on my friends list.

The majority of people were cut for reasons among these:

1. You haven't updated in years. I might still miss you but I've given up hope.

2. You friended me but we never had any interaction before or after the friending. I hope you can't hate me since we never spoke!

3. In the glory days of one of my fandoms, we had a light fling. Not too serious, after all we both were seeing other people too at the time. But it was a nice-yet-fleeting and passionate relationship. Now, though, I can't feel the same shiver and excitement about that fandom and either you still do or you've moved on to pastures where I cannot follow. Shhh, now. It's for the best. Let's not ruin what we once had.

4. You admitted to liking corn beef. I've been plotting your death ever since then. However, the cost of weaponry and transportation has kept me from completing my goal and so I decided to strike at you in a cost-effective manner. DEFRIENDING!

5. You defriended me and I just noticed. Hah, you won't even see this. The joke is on me, my good fellow.

All that being said, I hope no one feels slighted by the terrible term and process of 'defriending'. I would love to read the flow of entries from over a hundred different people with over a hundred different opinions and personalities but time makes this impossible. I've always felt guilty for filters or scroll kung fu action when I can't keep up with LJ so...

Of course, if you want to keep reading this journal (you're crazy) you're more than welcome. And of course, if anyone out there is reminded by this post that they have been meaning to remove me from their list--by all means. Unless you're one of the people I can't live without and then I will cling to your leg and cry all over your pants until you refriend me.

ETA: Today I found out my dad reads Neil Gaiman's blog. I'm torn between familial dork squee and worry about father's internet savvy.