April 2nd, 2007

[baseball] sweet lou

a post, a veritable post!

+ If there's ever another crossover between the Justice League of America and the Avengers, I'm pulling for Rick Jones and Jimmy Olsen to become boyfriends.

+ Last night I dreamed that the first Bond was played by Elvis. Best part of his role was the chase sequence in which he ran around a residential neighborhood very similar to the one where I live and while doing so he sang "Hound Dog".

+ I have watched the New Who Episode. I'm very happy with it. The spirit that first drew me to the show is back--that sense of adventure, mystery, and potential within the universe and each individual person and the giddiness of pursuing life throughout all its seasons. It, and the doctor, is so infectious--to companions and to viewers. Love this show.

+ Finally, I made my way to the theater and saw Amazing Grace. I had high expectations and they were all exceeded by the reality of the film. It's the action film of the year...where the idea of the pen being mightier than the sword and the earth-shattering power of *words* are brought to realization with such power. Truly: oratory, idealism, and politics > explosions.

And I'm glad that my estimation of Ioan Gruffudd, since I first watched Horatio Hornblower as a high schooler, is still justified. I have such love for his nose and his voice.

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