August 20th, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou


I wish I could use my scanner tonight. Oh, how I wish! Because today a big damn comic came out. "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds: This Time It's Triangular: Get Your Kryptonian On: Saturn Girl Is My Girlfriend"* #1 to be exact.

Superboy-Prime gets warped to the 31st century and fights history! And I quote:

31st Century Superman Museum Tour Guide: Oh, that loser is barely worth mentioning.
Superboy-Prime: WHAT?
Guide: That's Superboy-Prime. He was a Kryptonian kid, a Clark Kent from a parallel earth long dead. He was always whining about how our earth wasn't as "perfect" as his. Kid Flash kicked his face in the dirt when Prime tried to tear up the Teen Titans.
Prime: Kid Fla-Flash? Bart Allen cheated. He had all the Fla-Flashes gang up on me!**
Guide: Conner Kent stopped one of his tantrums before he could do any real damage.
Prime: Hey! Hey, that's not what happened! I showed that stupid clone who the real superb-
Guide: And then there was Sodam Yat, the most powerful of the Green Lanterns. He kicked Prime around too.
Prime: This isn't how anything happened!

And then Prime eviscerated a whole planet. *sigh* I love that kid!

*Not complete title.

**Prime is scared of the Flashes, the least imposing heroes in the entire DCU.