August 30th, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

My backpack talks to me.

This is for my darling octopedingenue and her sore back and her newfound love for Jaime!Blue Beetle.

First of all: I am loving the new Blue Beetle writer, Matt Sturges. He gets Jaime, the scarab, the cast, and the sense of humor that marks the series out as so special. If my scanner wasn't still just a hunk of junk sitting uselessly in my room because HP hides their power adapters from me I would scan the scene where Jaime tries an intimidation tactic Batman told him about. Or his victory over magnetically powered hoodlums that he finishes up with "And nerds of the earth, take note--I did it...with science!"

But what I do have is scans from Tiny Titans, an all-ages comic focused on (wait for it...) Titans' members from all decades! Blue Beetle made his debut in issue 6.

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Tiny Titans is a good read for any Blue Beetle fans, or fans of adorable squishy things. On the other hand, only masochists who enjoy wasting money should buy Teen Titans.