September 13th, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

FINALLY watching season four.

I must say: Donna Noble is the Guy Gardner of the Doctor Who Universe.

By which I mean she is loud, abrasive, full of confidence, full of belief in her role in the grand scheme of things and worthiness to kick butt on a grand scale, empathetic without being a coddler, quick to call someone on their faults and wrongdoings, quick to forgive, expressive, colorful, loving, full of common sense, and possessed of a natural ease in taking on responsibility and authority as she finds her niche.

Also? A fiery redhead.

It's impossible for a right-minded person not to love Donna (and Guy, of course). Faulty thinking or personal trauma can be the only reasons behind a lack of appreciation. They are the characters who don't wrap themselves in civil niceties but charge forth with all their earnestness. Imperfect themselves, of course, but for all that the line may blur between their brash confidence and inner insecurities they don't actively seek to hide themselves, the world, or their opinions in acceptable enigmas or lies to make life easier than it should be.

To enjoy either character is to wish for more flagrant honesty in the world and the delightfully charged atmosphere such honesty leaves in a person's wake.

I'm certain season 4 is going to be great. Donna is exactly what the show, the audience and (most of all) the Doctor need. If Martha's story was in part overcoming the shadow cast on her by the Doctor's infamous previous companion, Donna's will be about igniting a blaze throughout TARDIS.

Of course, you all know this already. But I'm always late to the best parties for some reason.

Of course, now I cannot figure out if that means Rose = Hal Jordan or Ten = Hal. Or both. Oh, the conundrums my brain faces!