October 1st, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

There were sex scandals before Bill?

riddering: "This gift retained a secret meaning for Eliza [Hamilton], for it had been a tacit gesture of solidarity from Washington when her husband was ensnared in the first major sex scandal in American history."*
autophanous: oh a ham : /
riddering: I AM DYING. I bet she had an entire hall full of gifts from the presidents as apologies for her husband. John Adams alone provided her with an entire spoon collection.
autophanous: 'sorry he was banging whore 2715'
riddering: Jefferson sent her a magnificent horse when his VP killed Hamilton over a hot lady.**
autophanous: wait srsly?
riddering: No.
autophanous: i got excited :(
riddering: WELL.
autophanous: IN MY PANTS
riddering: No one's said it DIDN'T happen.

*Quote taken from Ron Chernow's biography of Alexander Hamilton. Starting that book after having just watched 1776 for the first time, I've got to say that my new goal in life is to write an accompanying musical which takes place on the other side of events, ie Washington and the Gay Trio of Hamilton, John Laurens, and Lafayette.

**I'm aware of how historically inaccurate that statement is but I still stand by its hilarity.