October 29th, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

Feel free to point and laugh.

Thursday night I was moping around Blockbuster, browsing every shelf for a magical slew of films that would make me feel better when on the many tv displays DANCING HIGH SCHOOLERS caught my attention.

My preconceptions of the High School Musical franchise: cheesy, musicaltastic, embarrassing, and geared to an audience way below my maturity level.

The question I asked myself right then and there was, why on earth did it take me so long to watch films so clearly suited to my taste?

But now my life has been changed forever. I've seen all three HSM movies and there's no going back. I say with no irony that I am a fan.

And I'm also writing a letter to Disney, asking them to branch out in the franchise and publish Evans Twins mystery novels. If they dismiss my pleas I will have to write them myself!