November 15th, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

Naked Dean is allowed to be a regular.

Last night I had the craziest dream of my life so far.

First of all, I was stuck in a cabin resort area with all my office coworkers when Michigan became a frozen tundra. We could see our cars underneath glaciers of ice. So that sucked. I remember being pissed even in my dream because I had just spent money again to fix something on my car.

Next came the truly odd part. Suddenly, one of my coworkers outed himself as an evil demonic entity--being hunted by Dean and Sam Winchester. This was the part where I and all my other coworkers (excepting the evil one) disappeared from the dream. It became the Winchester show.

I remember vividly that at one point Dean thought my coworker had killed Sam but really he had just made an identical skin suit of Sam which he stuffed and used as a puppet homunculus lackey to bother the boys. Like, by gnawing on Dean's arm.

Dean: Get him off me!
Sam: [panting with the effort] He's...stronger than he...looks.

And then the boys concocted a plan to stop my evil coworker and that plan hinged on Dean getting naked for some reason. Brilliant! I woke up this morning and the dream came back to me, filling me with the strong desire to catch up on Supernatural.

This has left me scared of two things:

1. Being alone in a room with my evil coworker.
2. The possibility that advertisements are now being shot straight into my sleeping consciousness.