December 21st, 2008

[baseball] sweet lou

When Broadway knows your name...

A few of my favorite songs at the moment:

His Name is Lancelot - Monty Python's Spamalot - Just think, in a thousand years this will still be controversial! Christian Borle is the main vocalist for this song and he has great comedic talent as well as a gorgeous voice. And...

Chip On My Shoulder - Legally Blonde: Borle also happens to blow Luke Wilson out of the water at portraying Emmett, geeky poor lawyer hopeful who is Elle Woods' perfect match. This song is shared between he and Laura Bell Bundy, who is amazing. If anyone is interested, I can upload the Broadway show that aired on MTV. It's such fun, but it's also an impressive musical that improves upon the movie.

Her Voice - The Little Mermaid: While I adore all of the additional songs and changes in the stage show, this song above all others gives me chills. Sean Palmer's vocals in the chorus zing every adventurous/romantic/epic piece of my soul. Someone please write me a novel reinventing the Little Mermaid story entirely based on the feel of this song. Also include warrior Ariel fighting for both of her kingdoms somewhere along the way. Thanks in advance!

Take Me or Leave Me - Rent: I had to include my girl Idina. I'm liable to start singing the previous song every time her music comes up on my playlists/shuffle.

Heart - Damn Yankees: Peggy Lee really needs no recommendation but this cover of the song heartens me every time I listen to it. No pun intended.

Totally Fucked - Spring Awakening: I LOVE THIS SONG. Nothing makes me feel better than driving around in my car belting out "Blah blah (x30)...totally fucked!"