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Random fact: everytime I go out with my sister, she makes me drink way more than I should. Why? She doesn't count drinks stolen from me so at the end of the night she can say she's only had one.

octopedingenue: Top Five Sasuke Moments!


I still think this is the most beautiful moment in the entire manga. You know, I REALLY miss Naruto. I hope when Sasuke returns the story will give back to me the same emotional resonance it once did.


I'd be lying if I said this was the first moment that really moved me in the manga (hello, I was hooked from chapter 1) but this scene, oh this scene! I did not expect to love Sasuke and then, BAM. Vast amounts of terrified, heartbroken love all for him.

3. These two pages from the Gaara confrontation. That scene was the first time I really respected Sasuke. In that moment he was willing to give up his vengeance and his life in order to save Naruto and Sakura. His decision is even more powerful now in retrospect as we know just how much his past and killing Itachi make Sasuke what he is. Yet, he shed all of that baggage in order to save his teammates. Previously, he had acted on instinct to save Naruto but here he really thought about everything he was giving up and he decided to make the same sacrifice. Naruto saved him from the necessity of dying for he and Sakura but still--Sasuke would have.


That? Is the bitchiest, most PMS moment in the entire manga and I love Sasuke for it. Seriously, when that whole sequence of Naruto, *angsts*, Naruto, *angsts* and etc. began I was chanting for him to throw the apples or something. When he actually did, I died and went to bitchfest heaven.

5. [insert image of Sasuke's return]


Kawy: I had no idea what you wanted with the other two meme requests. Uh, I could try to do them even thought the end result will suck?
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