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Accidentally fell asleep before 7:30 and woke up around midnight dying of thirst. Then I couldn't fall back asleep.

So, self-indulgent Bleach drabbles!

“A point of interest.”

The last Hollow looked terrified. No other shinigami were near but the captain and vice-captain and so they spoke freely.


“Answer my question and I will let you live.”

Death had not been part of the deal for any of his fellows but community was not an inspiring issue for their kind.

“Did those three all come at you as a group?”

The Hollow shook his head.


“The little girl ran first.”

Aizen raised his eyebrows and turned back to look at the girl.

“How fascinating,” he said, smiling warmly.

Then: “Gin.”

“Sure thing, captain.”

Death had not been part of that deal either.

Hinamori bowed low, her forehead touching the ground and her gaze fixed on her knees.

“Do you think you are strong?”

“No, captain!”

“Do you think you are wise?”

“No, captain!”

“Do you think you can defeat that man?”

“No, captain!”

Yamamato idly stroked his beard.

“So you know you are weak.”

“Yes, captain!”

“You know you are foolish.”

“Yes, captain!”

“And you certainly know that you could never kill him.”

“Yes, captain!”

There was silence as he looked at her prostrate form and replayed the manner of her speaking in his mind. Her words had strength enough to reach his ears unmuffled though her face was to the ground.

Once he had reflected enough, Yamamato smiled.

“Stand up.”

Hinamori did so, folding her arms behind her back and staring at a point on the wall just a few centimeters from Yamamato’s eyes.

“You may go,” he said first. Her stance did not falter though something in her eyes displayed the threat of it all breaking down.

“Tomorrow you will be here before dawn. You will not neglect your duties as a vice-captain and no special allowances or schedules will be made to accommodate activities not included within your position.”

“Yes! Captain!” She was practically shaking when she bowed one more time and, turning, walked out of the room in precise, clipped movements.

Yamamato deeply suspected that she would stop and lean against the wall as soon as she was out of his sight. Interestingly, he attributed any such action on her part to relief and not fear.

His vice-captain returned a few minutes later.

“Do /you/ think that is wise?” he asked gently and curiously.

Yamamato laughed. As it was his own laugh, it was deep and seemed as old and powerful as the mountains.

“Wise? I can make no claim that my thoughts are wise.”

Yamamato heard him sigh.

“It will be interesting,” he added after a long pause. “All of this generation has become so with the recent instability. I have some little hope we fools will not be replaced by the wise.”

“Sir,” Sasakibe conceded.

Later today I'll start on the One Piece requests! ♥
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