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Last night I fell asleep around 9:30 and this morning I did not wake up until 11. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do. Like: take away the insanity, the psychobitchery, the...eye veinery.

But the best thing about waking up?


I do not lie when I say I screamed and bounced so hard in my chair I broke my butt when that page came up.

I was all "Oh, Rukia angst. Darling! *sigh* Oh oh oh. DIVISION 13 I WUV YOU." And then one bottom panel weireded me out because "...why did Rukia's hair of distinction just get shorter? No, wait. Is that...IS THAT HINAMORI? OHMYGOD OMGOMGOMGOMG."

I just...love. And Ikkaku. AND LOVE. They were still fwends right before the shit hit the fan and captainsexuality tore them* apart.

*At least Kira and Hinamori. Who are sitting next to each other all cutiepie and spiffied up as vice-captains. It makes me want to ship write them again. Or the whole trio. Or the trio + Ikkaku. I've always thought there should be fic about Renji sharing his stash with Kira and Hinamori and realizing that they can't handle drugs as well as he can and if Ikkaku's there too the fun only multiplies.

Renji's just so cute and stiff! Obviously preparing for when Kira and Hinamori teach him how to be a good vice-captain (IN BED).

I still like to think Hinamori became vice-captain first. Even if their positions would have been announced at the same time with Gin heading off to the third division, Aizen would have fought him for the first claim.

Gin: Rocks, paper, scissors.
Aizen: Fine.
Gin: [papers]
Aizen: [rocks]
Aizen: [internal monologue] Shit. [hypnotizes Gin to see scissors]
Gin: WOE.

Now I'm going to try to write the One Piece drabbles people requested years ago. Will I succeed? Will I fail? Is Middle Earth doomed? WE SHALL SEE!

(PS, If anyone wants to renew my paid account and extra icons I will provide sexual favors. Or fic. Or more sexual favors, depending on what you think of my fic.)

ETA: adesso, COME ON DOWN! No, seriously. Let me love you in some inappropriate fashion. I'll wear any bag you want me to?!
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