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autophanous is evil. But since she uses her evil for good, I can't complain. (I love you, babe. I mean...wow. YOU BLOW ME AWAY. I don't know whether to laugh and laugh and laugh or cry a little in the good way. ♥)

Now I want to try a meme sort of thing. I feel like I don't know a lot of the people around my corner of LJ well enough and that means you guys probably don't know me very well either.

So ask me a question about anything--fandom, real life, music, vegetables, etc--and I will answer you and then ask YOU a question and then the whole process could be repeated if anyone wants to keep it up. If this works, by the end we could know each other so well we're sick of each other and have to quit one another for a while.

For those of you who know me too well: you can ask something too if you're curious. ^_^
Tags: eree love, memes, oh happy day
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