Homeboys in Atmospheric Space (noshootingstars) wrote,
Homeboys in Atmospheric Space

Mini rant.

The message of the Tebow Super Bowl ad doesn't bother me nearly as much as these factors:

1. Can anyone name a commercial allowed during such a venue expressing a strong, liberal opinion on such a controversial topic?

2. People praising Tim Tebow for "taking a stand". Oh, how brave that young man is! How courageous of him to express a view on what women should do with their bodies. Since he was in his mother's womb while she made such a difficult CHOICE young Mr. Tebow must know not only exactly what his mother went through but what all women go through when facing a situation where they must CHOOSE between their life and that of the fetus within them. Therefore, he is a hero to push to take away that choice from women. Or, at the very least, to make them villains should they make the "wrong" decision.

3. The clear and one-sided survivor bias put forth by allowing this ad and not others. (c/o of Slate.com)

4. Those millions of dollars could be so much better spent.
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