Homeboys in Atmospheric Space (noshootingstars) wrote,
Homeboys in Atmospheric Space

The Yankees just kicked me in the crotch.

Phil Hughes announced as the fifth starter for 2010.

And Joba Chamberlain?

@Ledger_Yankees: Girardi: Joba next pitches Saturday. Slated for one inning. #nyy

I'm butthurt, sure, but I think this decision is stupid in the long term. The only pitchers locked into the rotation for next year are Sabathia and Burnett. So if Pettitte retires and Vazquez signs somewhere else the Yankees are going to need cheap pitching and by retarding Joba's progress they are losing out on developing two young pitchers.

Send him to AAA to start. Send him to the Pirates. Anywhere but the eighth inning, please.
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