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I want to see this film.

Catch .44:

"Tes, Dawn and Kara are three girls working dead end jobs barely getting by in Vegas. Their lives radically change when Tes has a run-in with an interesting stranger named Mel. When Mel offers the girls a chance at a better life through crime, they take him up on the offer only to find themselves thrust into a life or death situation involving a psychopathic hit-man, a grizzly trucker, and a delusional line cook."

The three main characters are played by Nikki Reed, Malin Akerman (!) and most importantly Deborah Ann Woll (!!!!!!).

I'm not exactly bullish on Reed as someone who starred in the Twilight series but Akerman is a plus and Woll makes me throw my hands in the air like I really, really care.


Do you know how much I loved this show as a kid? I don't think you can grasp such a deep love.



It's probably very wrong of me to be a little delighted with Tara/Franklin.

("But, self, he's crazy about her!"

"He's just crazy."

"But, aww, he got jealous of Jason!"



Shake Weight for Women

Shake Weight for Men

Watch the videos for each gender. Notice a difference? Notice how one begins by alerting a group to something wrong with their bodies while the other one begins with an empowering, badass message? One ad highlights the necessity of looking sexy by using the product while the other ad highlights being powerful.

Oh and if getting pissed off at this stupid shit doesn't interest you just open the second link and listen to the video with your eyes closed. It sounds like something out of Queer As Folk. In a good way.


Saw Inception yesterday.

This film has sort of crawled inside my skin and refuses to let go of me. Am I the only one? Can we start a support group? Can Leo stop being so amazing for just one second?



Can we talk about how amazing Toy Story 3 is?

[comments now contain spoilers for the film]


I know Iron Man 2 just came out last week but has anyone written stories about The Spy and The Driver yet?

Dear Santa.

There's something very special about the first episode of Doctor Who with a new companion. All of the excitement and promise with something of an edge, too, of the past but so soft that it can't hurt us viewers--not yet. It's amazing to be dropped into a new portion of the planet and this new person's life and friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. To see their lives and feel the surge of excitement as they catch on to the world opening up around them with the Doctor's arrival. That first adventure is always the best because you know it's leading to something grand but you don't know what that grand thing will be quite yet.

I think I shall quite like this season of Who. It is fresh but not forgetful.

BREAKING NEWS aka Op-ed piece.

There should be more films featuring awesome ladies.

The Yankees just kicked me in the crotch.

Phil Hughes announced as the fifth starter for 2010.

And Joba Chamberlain?

@Ledger_Yankees: Girardi: Joba next pitches Saturday. Slated for one inning. #nyy

I'm butthurt, sure, but I think this decision is stupid in the long term. The only pitchers locked into the rotation for next year are Sabathia and Burnett. So if Pettitte retires and Vazquez signs somewhere else the Yankees are going to need cheap pitching and by retarding Joba's progress they are losing out on developing two young pitchers.

Send him to AAA to start. Send him to the Pirates. Anywhere but the eighth inning, please.


[baseball] sweet lou
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